Philippines Property’s Time to Shine

I shared in one of my post from May of last year, why property investment is more  fun in the Philippines (which you may find here). Moving forward to present time and compared from last year, our country investment rating slipped from 9th to 25th, if you’ll refer to the table below.

*above data was based from as of June 14, 2013
*above data was based from as of June 14, 2013

From an 8.62% to a 7.06% rental yield, it means that Philippines property prices have appreciated in value, which resulted in a lower rental yield. Which is a great thing for “early birds” who took advantage of the property prices when it was still lower. And now, the price appreciation of those early property buyers were being realized by higher rental yields. What does that mean for current buyers who are considering an investment today? Well, don’t let that slightly lower rental yield stop you. As they say, “better late than never“, so might as well do it NOW!

Why NOW!? Because bright prospect is still ahead for Philippines property market. Just recently,  even our neighboring Asian countries (even those from US) are starting to notice and  more foreigners are buying properties in the country. That’s according to two articles from ABS-CBN News. Below are the links for full details.

Considering a slightly lower rental yield of 7.06% (as compared from May of 2012), properties in the Philippines still offer yields way higher  than those offered in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and US. See table below for comparison purposes.

*above data was based from as of June 14, 2013
*above data was based from as of June 14, 2013

With better yields and new restrictive property tax laws in Hong Kong and Singapore, it’ll be Philippines property’s time to shine. So don’t get left behind. Grab one or two for yourself NOW! Start investing in your future and let your money work for you.

Until next time, I hope that this post will somehow help you, make better yields for your hard-earned money. And if you happen to have any comment/s or something to share, feel free to use the comment box below.

Thank you for dropping by and your time.




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