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J. & L. Cruz – Laguna, Philippines
J. & L. Cruz – Philippines

“In search for something we can invest in, a place we can call our own home, near our workplace and everything we need in our daily lives (church, school, market, etc.), my wife and I started to communicate with different people just right after our wedding last 30th of December 2017. Come May of 2018 we met a man named Ryan Rey Data. From the way he looks he seems to be a good and simple man, yet very professional. There’s a sense from him on which you can really put your trust even from the start. And that’s when it all began. He helped and assisted us in every step of the way. We met and have a site visit of the property. He explained everything we need to know. He assisted us on the bank financing, the property transfer, communication with the seller, the government agencies, etc. He never left us clueless, and he gave a detailed update on every process. And then its done. The property was turned over last 14th of December 2018.

If we were to describe his service, you can’t say that it’s just a buyer-broker-seller thing. It’s trust-loyalty-friendship. His service is something like “just sit back and relax, everything will be alright, God is with us doing great things”.

Again we really want to thank you for all the things you did for us, thank you po ng marami at na-appreciate po naming lahat.”

M. White – Mumbai, India
M. White – India

Ryan Data helped me to sell my property (in Ayala Greenfield Estates) at the rate I wanted. It was smoothly done and quick. He arranged for all the paperwork to be done even if I was abroad and the buyer was in another country. He was so professional in all the dealings, clear, precise and straightforward from the very beginning.

I would definitely recommend him 101% because he was honest.”

S. Kalalo – Metro Manila, Philippines
S. Kalalo – Philippines

“Allow me to thank you most sincerely for the pro-active and most comforting service you provided me.

To be very honest with you, I have engaged the services of a couple of brokers in the past but you certainly stand out in terms of professionalism, attention to detail, dedication to work, fair and honest advise. In many instances, you went out of your way to adjust to my changing schedule, meeting me way beyond office hours, and even on a sunday, which is considered a family day. More importantly, I found you as having a very positive and encouraging attitude, always finding options and solutions to make things happen.

Thank you again to you and the entire LRMS Group. God bless all of you.”

Suico Family – New Jersey, USA
Suico Family - New Jersey, USA
Suico Family – USA

“The service and personal attention we received from RYAN DATA was exceptional! He is truly a high-calibre Realtor. Through Ryan’s effort, we are able to close the purchase of two units in Avida Towers Makati West despite the fact that we are not in the country all throughout the buying process. Ryan is there in every step of the way making it a seamless transaction. We are happy that Ryan took the time to educate us on the buying process, laid down various investment options and eventually helped us in making a good decision.

Ryan’s assistance with us did not end after the purchase transactions. He always has an open line for any further questions and assistance that we have. We have no hesitation in recommending him to be your next Realtor.”

Lauderes Family – Dubai, UAE
Lauderes Family - Dubai, UAE
Lauderes Family – UAE

“The service you have provided us is excellent! You made the buying process easy for us as everything is very well presented. Actually, we do have plans to invest but not at the time when you came to us, but you made us believed, that it is the perfect time to invest, and yes you are RIGHT!!!

Thanks again Ryan as that is the start when we started to invest and now we want to invest more and more… Now I can say that the “Time to Invest is the Time to Save”.

I could describe you as Honest, Friendly, Polite, Energetic, Trustworthy, Godly and of course the Best Agent / Consultant / Specialist there is in the market.”

R. Parroco – Dubai, UAE
R. Parroco - Dubai, UAE
R. Parroco – UAE

“Thank you Ryan for all your patience, good advice and valuable time. As mentioned before with my wife Lou, we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants to invest in a property back in the Philippines.

It was wonderful to have someone who listens and understands the things which are important to the customer, and not just thinking of the commissions, when you are making one of the most expensive and critical purchases in your life.”

T. Abanilla – New Jersey, USA
T. Abanilla - USA
T. Abanilla – USA

Ryan was my broker for the The Columns Legazpi Village. It was a quick and hassle free transaction, and being an overseas buyer, it was important that we close fast. He did that. He also assisted in the post closing transaction which was very helpful.

Overall, my experience with Ryan has been excellent. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is considering purchasing real estate in the Philippines.”

A. Velasco – Qormi, Malta
A. Velasco - Malta
A. Velasco – Malta

“A friend of mine recommended Ryan to me about 5 years ago, when I was thinking of investing in real estate property. At that time, I was still undecided whether I would invest or not. I had a lot of queries and I knew I was a very demanding client. Ryan had given me a very meaningful advice about which property was more suited to my needs and plans. From the time I committed to invest up to the time the property was turned-over to me, I could say that Ryan did an outstanding job. He replies to all of my queries promptly. He gave me regular updates about the progress of the property and took care of me and my representatives during site visits.

You can be assured that Ryan will give you the best quality of service and that he cares about his clients. I definitely recommend him to all of my friends who are looking into real estate investment. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

M. Aragon – Bangkok, Thailand
M. Aragon - Thailand
M. Aragon – Thailand

“I have known Ryan in 2006 when I bought a unit at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City.

Being overseas I relied on Ryan to follow through with the transaction and ensure that everything is in order. I entrusted him with the proper processing of such a major purchase which was completed without any issues. Since then Ryan has always promptly responded to my queries whenever I needed reliable info on real estate in the Philippines.

I recommend Ryan if you need a trustworthy and professional service.”

M. & K. Edquiban – Riyadh, KSA
M. & K. Edquiban - K.S.A.
M. & K. Edquiban – KSA

“One of the Filipino family’s highest aspirations is to have a home of its own. The task of making a choice can be confusing and daunting.

We were fortunate to have a property specialist, Ryan, whose impressive knowledge of the industry and its assortment of products was source of decision-making information we could not have culled on our own. Even more importantly, he understood and addressed our concerns, gave unhurried time to discuss details, and managed our account with efficiency and sincerity.

Ryan walked the extra mile, exemplifying a level of professionalism that made us feel were in good hands.

Does Ryan make me a satisfied customer? Verily.”