www.RyanReyData.com is a website formerly dedicated to my real estate practice. As of August of 2016, I’ve decided to move it to another site, in line with the direction to refocus on ready for occupancy properties, as a way to cater to my clients who invested in preselling properties during my early years in real estate. And if you wish to continue to be updated with real estate developments, opportunities, industry related news and events here in the Philippines, you may visit my real estate services site at www.RFOHOME.com.

With the said change, this site was converted to a personal blog of a stay at home dad, with the intent of sharing to the world the significance of pursuing those things that matters in life. As for myself, it involves being a Believer, Lover, Father, Real Estate Practitioner and MTG Player. My purpose for this blog is to meet others who shares the same interests and learn from one another. I’d like to believe that

we learn from our failures and mistakes, and we can save our precious time, if we do the same from other people’s experiences.

I appreciate you for dropping by and for your time. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Let’s Pursue Significance,

Ryan Rey Data