Property investment. More fun in the Philippines

Really!? Probably, that’s what you’re asking yourselves? Well, you may or may not totally agree with me. Especially those who had some bad experiences, when it comes to buying property/ies in the Philippines. I’m not going to deny it, there are true stories of our own “kababayans” and some foreign investors (mostly those based abroad) who had their share of these bad experiences. Sad, but it’s a reality…

Now, you may be wondering? How does that make property investment, more fun in the Philippines? If you will allow me, please see the table below.

*above data was based from as of May 30, 2012

What does the above table tells us? It simply means that, compared globally, we have an excellent rating. And if you’ll invest your money in a Philippines property, you’ll get a gross rental yield of 8.62% annually. Isn’t that something amusing? And did I mention that the said rating was global? And Philippines is in the Top 10? Aren’t you enjoying that fact? Well, I will understand if you’re not a Filipino, and you didn’t feel any form of enjoyment or at least a sense of pride, knowing it. But from an investor’s point of view, these are the figures that you’ll consider and want to enjoy. Am I making sense here? I mean, if Merriam-Webster defines “fun” as what provides amusement or enjoyment. Then, if we put ourselves, in an investor’s shoes, what provides a more fun experience to an investor, are those instruments that gives a positive yield or return. And Philippines, when it comes to property investment, offers that kind of fun.

Of course, rental yields or returns are just the end result of your property investment. The processes in between, can be a different story. So be sure to check out my blog next time, as I share how you can avoid having a bad/sad experience, when it comes to buying property in the Philippines.

Until next time, I hope that you’ll have more fun in your future property investments. And if you happen to have any comment/s or something to share, feel free to use the comment box below.

Thank you for dropping by and your time.


2 thoughts on “Property investment. More fun in the Philippines

  1. Congratulations to you. You’re kind of person who will succeed,trusted and good man. You guide me well in getting my dream condo.

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