Is there such a place? Well, for some of us who were blessed to live in the parts of the Metro Manila not directly affected by the flooding, brought about by the strong Southwest Monsoon (Tagalog: Habagat) that struck our country last August 2012, we surely have an answer. And for those who are still seeking for one, I’ve shared more than 3 months ago a post here, which you may use as a tool (not a guarantee) and hopefully find it useful? In answering the above said question.

Allow me again, to illustrate the use of the said sites (as a tool), to determine the elevation of a certain area. This time, allow me to highlight Bonifacio Global City, an area which remains flood-free, during the said period, when almost 90% of the Metro Manila was flooded.

Bonifacio Global City courtesy of http://www.daftlogic.com

If you’ll noticed, the BGC’s (Bonifacio Global City) elevation (111 ft) is higher than the average (50+ ft) areas or other parts of the Metro Manila. You may refer to the table of City/Municipality Elevation from my post here. Given that BGC has a higher elevation, there’s another reason that I’d like to share why the said CBD remains flood-free. It’s an uderground Drainage Detention Structure that can hold 22 million liters of water. It was even featured in a news clip from ABS-CBN, which you may find here.

I’m not sure if it’s the first of its kind in the Philippines? But this is certainly a good news and something that  flood prone areas in the Metro Manila or other parts of the country can hope for. That is, a big IF and WHEN our government decides to replicate the said system?

For the time being and given a chance, would you rather see your car like this?

Or like this?


Feel free to choose. 🙂


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