When Not Waiting is Now an Option

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I’ve been a Real Estate Practitioner for more than a decade now. Within that time frame, it was solely promoting different types of “pre-selling” developments. It’s a concept that I believe in, especially from an investor’s point of view and because of the benefits that it offers (cheaper prices, flexible payment options and promising investment, just to name a few). Based from my years of experience, it’s a concept more acceptable by those who are “familiar” or “locally exposed” to it, as compared to those foreign-based clients or investors,  who are used to “ready for occupancy” or “readily available” units. Since there are also risks (and real sad stories) that comes with buying a pre-selling property, it’s important to really do your assignment or research, before you decide on getting one. I have written something on that subject, which you may find here.

Given that you’re willing to wait and have some extra cash to invest in a pre-selling property, then it becomes a great option. On the other hand, there are clients or investors who happen to have a different kind of preference or requirement. Those who are not willing to wait and require something immediate like a “Ready For Occupancy” unit. In my understanding, these are the type of clients or investors who are mostly end-users or in the rental business and wants a unit that they can use or put up for lease the soonest possible time. They are either “financially liquid” or have saved enough cash (or at least enough equity, normally 20% of the value of the property) to afford a Ready For Occupancy (RFO) unit. Since RFO units (in the form of resale properties) are normally offered through cash or bank financing terms, it is the exact opposite of a pre-selling property when it comes to flexibility of payment options.

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Well, that may be true a couple of years ago, but not until recently. I’ll share more about that in a bit. Moving on and as far as I know, there are very limited options for RFO units, especially for “high-end” type of developments that offers flexible payment options or an installment term, normally referred to as “Rent To Own”. For that very reason, I’m excited to share with you a “ONE-STOP-SHOP” for Ready For Occupancy units of Megaworld Corporation. Allow me to introduce, Megaworld Prime RFO (formerly Megaworld Prime Properties Investment Group or PPG). Megaworld Prime RFO is Megaworld’s marketing division that exclusively handles all Ready For Occupancy units. Each one is considered a “prime cut”, pre-selected for the meticulous and the sophisticated. Buyers are also treated to free interior design services, allowing them to customize Prime RFO units to their own accord.

Megaworld PPG

With this kind of product (Ready For Occupancy) made available and added value services (including Leasing and Resale Management Services), it gives clients or investors more options. It puts consumers in a better position to meet their specific requirements, especially if it involves having a Ready For Occupancy unit or at the very least “less” waiting time, that comes with a “friendlier” installment term. Visit our Facebook Page (click here), should you wish to get to know more about our townships where our property offerings are located or if you’re also a real estate practitioner like me (for accreditation purposes), feel free to reach me through my mobile number at +639172735868 or shoot me an email at rsdata@megaworldcorp.com.

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