Stormwater Management Strategies

Flooded street in Magallanes Village, Makati_Photo via Ryan Chua
Flooded street in Magallanes Village, Makati | Photo by Ryan Chua

These days in this part of the world, even a sudden rain shower can immediately result to flooding. Depending on what part of the Metro or Philippines you’re in, flood level may vary. Even the most prime area and exclusive villages in Makati were not spared by the floods. I mentioned Makati because, when it comes to real estate, it has always been about location, location and location. And Makati City is the country’s financial center which makes it the most prime location (even more with the recent addition of Bonifacio Global City in its jurisdiction) in the Philippines. You may find related articles below.

Given that even the most prime location is no longer exempted from flood concerns, it should just be normal (for our government) to find solutions to these matters. And on the bright side, there are “plans” by the local government of Makati and on the national level that I’ve found on the web which may address the said issues, which you may find below.

Not to sound doubtful or even hopeless about any plans involving our government, I’m crossing my fingers and praying for the best for our government, for the good of our country as a whole. Moving forward, it’s a sigh of relief to know that private sectors or property developer such as Ayala Land in particular, are taking efforts such as raising the elevation (4.3 meters) and implementing Stormwater Management Strategies, to address flooding concerns in their new development called Circuit Makati.

Circuit Makati - Artist's Perspective
Circuit Makati | For more details, click here.

This kind of flood-control initiative and a Flood-Free Circuit Makati, is not just beneficial to the development alone. It will also benefit its immediate neighboring community, especially those on a lower lying areas, since the community (Circuit Makati) in itself is helping in detaining the water (not adding) during strong rain or storm. Allow me to share more about Stormwater Management Strategies.

Stormwater Management Strategies
Stormwater Management Strategies

Blue Roofs

Blue Roofs detain water at the source by storing incident stormwater in a layer of gravel before allowing it to percolate through a filter fabric and into the storm drain system.

Green Roofs

Green Roofs detain water and provide treatment at the source by providing a vegetated media that incident stormwater travels through.


Bioretention Areas detain water and provide treatment from not only incident stormwater, but also stormwater routed from adjacent hardscape surfaces. Like green roofs, bioretention areas detain water and provide treatment by providing a vegetated media that stormwater travels through.

So for your peace of mind and the next time you consider or look for a property investment, make sure to check if they have this kind of strategies or technology in place. And just in case you’re wondering if what other areas have these types of flood-control initiatives? Bonifacio Global City and NUVALI quickly comes to mind.

Be worry-free, choose a flood-free community.


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