3 + 1 Reasons Why Rent To Own Is For You

Rent to own is not for everybody. So to set your expectation, I’m not here to differentiate or prove if ready for occupancy properties are better than preselling ones or vice versa. I believe that they both have their own pros and cons. And just like any form of products or services, they both serve a specific need. Gone were the days when your only option in buying a real estate property are preselling projects. So in line with that, my goal for this particular post, is to help those “underserved” segment of the real estate market. Those who are specifically looking for ready units. At the same time spread the new world of opportunities that ready for occupancy offers. Check out the infographic below.

3 + 1 Reasons Why Rent To Own Is For You_by R2D
Click to Enlarge

And now that rent to own options are already available in the market, I’m hoping that I can personally contribute in increasing the numbers of Filipinos (even foreigners residing here in the Philippines) who can eventually start saving (on their rental expenses) and investing in a place they can call their own. Should you wish to get to know more about the specifics (like where these rent to own properties are located), feel free to reach me through my mobile number at +639172735868 or shoot me an email here. You can also use the comment box below for any opinions or reactions that you’d like to share.

Thank you for dropping by and your time. Have a blessed day!


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