Embrace Your Role

Thank God it’s Monday!!! Can you honestly say that now? I mean, think about it for a few seconds. How about for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and other days of the week? Or can we see ourselves only uttering the said phrase every Friday? Well, I can’t blame you. I’ve been through that phase in my life and I believe it’s normal. When I say normal, I imagine that most people felt the same way at some point in their lives. And that kind of mindset made me feel miserable every start of the week.

Is that how you’re feeling currently? I hope not? Because starting our week that way is a surefire formula to lowering our motivation and energy. In the past, having this kind of mindset lingering in my mind, I found myself getting sick and tired of what I was doing. Eventually, I tended to question every job that I had before. Am I in the right industry? Are there better opportunities out there? Do I deserve something better, than the current role or position that I have right now? These are the questions that I keep on repeating to myself simply because my heartset are regularly influenced by my negative mindset.

These recurring negative thoughts and emotions made me feel tired. Please don’t get me wrong, I gave my all in every role that I had in the past. And I tried overcoming the said negative energy, with positivity daily. It’s just that I’m unsure if I was at the right place and if I was doing the right role? The mixed thoughts and emotions of uncertainty led me to different roles in real estate sales, BPO customer service, banking and even being a stay-at-home-parent. With all those varying roles in the past, I can remember with certainty, and I can say to my old self that “you didn’t embrace your role!”

How about you? Do you embrace your role in the organization or family (if you’re not working) that you’re apart of? I’m not trying to cast a stone here. Our answer to the above said question will reveal a nugget of wisdom. Just like digging for gold or diving for a pearl, it takes time (sometimes a long one) to find answers to our questions in life. However, one assurance in this world is this word (that we can find in book of Jeremiah 29:11).

As part of the daily positivity that I injected in my life, the above statement is what I exactly practiced. And through the faithfulness of His word (I’m referring to God’s word, just to avoid any confusion here), He allowed me to discover the answers to some of my life’s questions. He made me realized that I was asking the wrong questions and that my heartset was also in the wrong place because of it. Having that in mind, at present, I regularly remind myself that I should be thankful not just for Friday, but for all the days of the week. Because when we think about it, everyday, no matter what day is today, it is a present! We should all be delighted were in it.

That’s also the reason why there’s gladness in my heart to share with you what He allowed me to realize. Because all these years (I never thought that I was already undergoing a process), I’ve asked and prayed to Him, to correct my mindset and heartset. And during that process, I was able to learn that it’s not important if I’m at the right place or doing the right role. What matters now is, “am I doing the right thing in whatever role I’m given?” In short, do whatever He’s put in front of you.

Imagine the feeling and the way you embrace your special others or your family members and friends. I encourage you to do the same to your current position or situation. Embrace your role! Love your role! The people around you will notice the difference. And later on, you’ll also discover that what’s being processed is our mindset and heartset. All these things that we are going through is simply a preparation, not for a role that we deserve (because we are all undeserving to begin with), but for opportunities way beyond our imagination that will unfold, once our mind and heart are set right.

Thank you for dropping by and your time. Feel free to reach out. 🙂


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