Small Victory And Simple Joy


My wife and I were at Bayanihan Center in Pasig City yesterday, to attend to our son’s Commencement Exercises. Yesterday’s event will be memorable, because it marked our first year of doing home education program or homeschooling for our kids. During the event, it gave me a slight sigh of relief, knowing that Peypey (our son) will be graduating from Kindergarten. As a parent, I was proud of my son’s small victory yesterday, as well as our progress as teachers to our kids. We’re (my wife and I) also thankful for the very patient and supportive Academic Advisor (Teacher PJ) of our son, who guided and helped us cross the bridge in our first year of homeschooling journey.




Seeing our son also happy for his accomplishment was priceless. And I can’t deny the fact that there’s a certain kind of simple joy (and a degree of fulfillment), knowing that you’ve played a role in your child’s ability to read his first words. I know we have a long way to go and it’s not gonna be easier. The fact that we’re blessed (as a family) to be able to spend more time together through homeschooling, then all the challenges and sacrifices will be worthwhile. Besides, it takes change to create change.


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